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“Sabriga is an absolute rock star. She is a wonderful writer, and is sweet as pie. She is equipped to be both your writer and editor, something that often takes two different skill sets. You can feel confident that Sabriga has them both.”
– Business Ghost


       Pen Nib Mini Flickr 5686646495_d1c8721006_m    Articles

Long or short form, researched and cited for evidence-based material

       Pen Nib Mini Flickr 5686646495_d1c8721006_m    Blogs

Update current material, create fresh content & publishing schedule, create marketing schedule for subject matter categories, keyword concentration, meta description, tags, photos and graphics, formatting, uploading to website.

       Pen Nib Mini Flickr 5686646495_d1c8721006_m    Case Studies

Success stories for your business. Interview client & business spokesperson, find additional information as needed, combine interviews into intriguing story of your client’s satisfaction with your product or service.



        Pen Nib Mini Flickr 5686646495_d1c8721006_m   Manuscript Edit

An in-depth, complete edit addresses the flow and logical structure of the entire manuscript by looking at it as a whole, restructuring the materials when necessary to assure the material flows easily from one topic or chapter to the next. One of the most important features of manuscript editing is the editor’s eye to both voice and audience. In this aspect, though, it can easily be confused with copy editing.

        Pen Nib Mini Flickr 5686646495_d1c8721006_m   Complete Line Edit

This is what most people think of when they think of editing. A line editor hones communication by eliminating passive voice, static phrasing, weak expressions, ineffective fragments, and spelling errors.

        Pen Nib Mini Flickr 5686646495_d1c8721006_m   Complete Copy Edit

This edit looks at your material for grammar, accuracy, facts and attributions. A copy editor looks at what you say and makes sure it says what you intend.

        Pen Nib Mini Flickr 5686646495_d1c8721006_m   Proofreading

The final process of writing a manuscript and readying it for submission or self-publication. A proofreader must be a cold third party, not the author or editor. Many writers hire two proofreaders. Proofreaders look at the manuscript with fresh eyes, searching for misspelling, punctuation and spacing errors.



        Pen Nib Mini Flickr 5686646495_d1c8721006_m   Analysis & Recommendations (A&R)

A written report based on the first 50 pages of your manuscript. The A&R highlights its strengths, weaknesses, audience markets, and makes recommendations. Flat fee $1000.

        Pen Nib Mini Flickr 5686646495_d1c8721006_m   Book Proposal

For fiction and non-fiction alike, a proposal is a marketing tool that explains what the book is, who will buy it, and how it will get sold. Non-fiction book ideas are always submitted to publishers through a proposal. When publisher and author agree on a contract, the manuscript writing begins.

Fiction book proposals are just the opposite. They are only submitted to publishers when the manuscript is complete. The proposal package has multiple parts organized in a specific order according to the type of manuscript and the proposal guidelines of each publisher.

Did you know? Authors are expected to do a lot of their own marketing, even if you get a deal with a traditional publisher. You should have a website for your book at least 6 months before it’s finished. Use it to generate curiosity about your forthcoming book by posting about your process, the characters (fictitious or otherwise) or data, your publishing efforts, etc. Having an established site shows publishers you are serious about marketing.

         Pen Nib Mini Flickr 5686646495_d1c8721006_m   Ghostwriting – full manuscript

Writing or re-writing in the author’s voice, mostly using the author’s material but sometimes augmented with additional research or writing. The ghostwriting process can begin at any point in the book process, from having only a simple idea to working with a completed manuscript, and includes reasonable, necessary research.

        Pen Nib Mini Flickr 5686646495_d1c8721006_m   Ghostwriting – manuscript from interviews

Writing a complete manuscript from interviews is more time-consuming than writing from an idea, original research, or manuscript. It requires not only transcription of the audio material, but additional work to capture the spoken voice in a captivating written one. Most memoirs are written from recorded interviews.

        Pen Nib Mini Flickr 5686646495_d1c8721006_m   Consulting, Coaching

Sometimes a dose of new perspective, insight or advice can improve your writing process or help with a snag in your idea.

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Fees for services are subject to a consultation chat where we discuss the scope of the project.