Why Hire Me?


My strange but wonderful name is Sabriga (sah-BREE-gah)  

And I love to look at us humans as the complex, confusing, and often hilarious creatures we humans are. 

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Biology and healing have always fascinated me. 

When I was a little girl, I wanted to heal hurt things.

Oh, the poor butterfly wings I tried to straighten or Daddy Long Leg spiders I tried to give grass support sticks to replace a missing leg…

Was I successful? Never!
My well-meaning-but-clumsy little hands meant those involuntary patients rarely appreciated such heartfelt attention because they would’t hold still or—gasp!—they died under my ministration.

That’s why I’ve spent more than 30 years working with people to make them feel better. They’re more my size.

Over the years I’ve worn many hats in the health, environment, and multicultural worlds:

    • family support counselor

    • massage therapist
    • labor and postpartum doula

    • HIV educator

    • community advocate

    • ESL instructor

    • editor

    • blogger

    • writer

    • ghostwriter

Now, I want to bring the humanity, intimacy, and strength of the many people I’ve had the honor to work with and convey it by telling good stories–yours and ours.

Why does that matter to you, the person who needs a professional writer?

I am a Certified Ghostwriter trained by internationally-recognized ghostwriting expert, Claudia Suzanne.

I can speak to consumers from the everyman perspective and relate to the pain or goals they struggle with. And I link your services, products, perspective, or methods as the solution to your target audience’s problems.

I’m comfortable speaking to people from different cultures or perspectives.

I can translate medical mumbo-jumbo into plain English, or to connect the global dots of climate change to what’s happening to the biology in our own back yards.

I am a reliable, trustworthy, and responsible team player or solo agent.

Meeting deadlines with creative content that is professional, clean, and organized is my top priority.

And I can weave a good story, which is why case studies are my favorite product.

See my Writing Services and Ghostwriting pages to see how we can work together as we bring your experience, desires, legacy or research from thoughts to a completed manuscript you’ll be proud to present to your agent or publisher.

I look forward to helping you find the words that bring your ideas to life, customers to your site, and your voice to the world.

And in the process, I hope to make you chuckle.

Here’s to taking things seriously but not forgetting to laugh,


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I have used Sabriga Turgon’s services in various content creation projects. These were detailed articles, with multiple images, within the nutrition field. I was delighted with her content creation strategies, especially her creativity and detailed responses to my questions. Sabriga and I collaborated frequently and I felt very comfortable communicating with her.This interaction ultimately resulted in me feeling as if I wrote the finished articles. The final articles were all that I hoped they would be.

I am a stickler for details, and Sabriga captured what I desired within each article. I felt very comfortable working with her and will be using her services again shortly.

Additionally, Sabriga was responsive to my requests in terms of deadlines and can be counted on if your project is time sensitive. Lastly, I especially enjoyed the eBook Sabriga created for my soon-to-be-launched nutritional web site. The visual effects and flows within this content piece are remarkable as well as eye catching. I am very happy to recommend Sabriga as an expert freelance writer.

– Vince Perugini