My mission is to enhance the social discourse by helping people with good ideas write their books.

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Statistics say about 81 million people long to write a book – books full of important ideas, theories, dreams or stories that would impact our world for the better. 

I want to help write those books—your book. 


It could be you.
  • Your experience could teach new perspectives or advance knowledge. 

  • Your story could serve as a role model for a young person to go beyond their experiences.

  • Your message could show a woman how to believe in herself, protect her children, or start businesses.

  • Your ideas could reconcile enemies or bring others together for creative fun.

  • Your life told in your voice leaves a legacy for family and friends.

Books are the new business card. 

They state your position. They make others remember your name. They represent your company’s progress or innovations. They tell the story of what makes you special and successful.

  • Give a signed copy to a new client.

  • Sell them in the back of the room when you’re a speaker at an event. Or when you are the event.

  • Use them to inspire, educate, and inform your world.

Maybe writing isn’t your top priority.

Maybe you’re too busy to write, or truly don’t enjoy it. Maybe you’re a better communicator in person than on paper. That doesn’t mean you can’t write a book, that only means you need someone to write it for you. You need a ghostwriter.

I use your words without stealing your thunder.

Every person has their unique way of speaking. And most of us write like we speak. As a certified ghostwriter I’m trained to adjust my writing to your words and maintain your voice. 

When we sign a contract and agree on a price, that is what I earn for writing your book. Your name is the only one that appears on it. I claim no royalties, commissions, or extra gains if your story goes to film. 

Want to talk about it?

Please feel free to contact me with any questions: [email protected] 


Ghosting quill 


 “Sabriga patiently helped and spent a lot of time going over every part of my book.
She was not only methodical in correcting everything I did, but she also made me think about how to rewrite. She was interested in my learning and growth as a technical writer. She is very sharp at editing as well as encouraging and thoughtful as a teacher/editor.”
                                         – Clifford Brooks, Afro-Cuban Conga Drum Improvisation Book