I am a freelance writer and ghostwriter who will help you:

- Update and enhance your neglected blog.
- Free you from wondering if ‘there’, ‘they’re’, and ‘their’ are used correctly.
- Develop content that informs your audience, states your opinion or highlights your product. 



Do you work with, worry about, or advocate for women, children, and all that concerns them (that’s pretty much everything from policy to environment)?  Me, too!

I can help you with all that, and more. Let’s talk!


“Sabriga patiently helped and spent a lot of time going over every part of my book. She was not only methodical in correcting everything I did, but she also made me think about how to rewrite. She was interested in my learning and growth as a technical writer. She is very sharp at editing as well as encouraging and thoughtful as a teacher/editor.”
Clifford Brooks, Afro-Cuban Conga Drum Improvisation Book