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Content creation, ghostwriting, and editing for health and environmental organizations.


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If there are two aspects in most people’s lives that we can point to as both familiar and confusing, it’s health and the environment. Both are an intimate, personal experience that can sometimes be linked to the actions of the global community (think how industrial chemicals with mercury are poured into rivers and streams; they accumulate in the tuna we eat, increasing mercury level in our bodies that can cause health issues.). The problem is how to address the escalating issues, and the immediate solution is accurate, evidence-based information presented in a variety of ways.

It can be hard to find a writer who understands both of those issues. For over 30 years I’ve been a health and an environmental advocate. I explain physiological and anatomical issues or energy, pollutants, or permaculture from a layperson’s perspective so your average reader can understand.

You’ve already got so much on your plate. I’ll help you take the weight off your plate and massage your company’s message.


– Content creation
– Update your blog
– Add case studies and articles


– Finish that book you’ve longed to write 
– Analyse manuscript and make recommendations 
– Use existing notes or interviews to write full manuscript 
– Format for ebook and traditional publication 
– Book proposals – fiction and non-fiction 


– Line, copy, or structural editing 
– Proofreading


When you’re ready to write your book, update your blog or add creative content to your marketing, let’s talk.

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I have used Sabriga Turgon’s writing and editing services and have found her easy to work with, detailed, timely, and concise. Her edits took my 1,000-word article to the required   500-word piece it needed to be for the magazine. Even though my story was reduced by half. it captured the feel and message perfectly. Sabriga was very responsive to my input and the work was completed quickly, for a fair price. I look forward to working again with her for my next article.

  •                                 – Veronika Gold